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EEZYTRAC has over twenty years experience in the electronic animal identification field and we are able to offer you our own specially designed product to help you protect and identify pets and other companion animals.

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The EEZYTRAC system incorporates a uniquely numbered implantable microchip, this is implanted painlessly into the animal between the shoulder blades and must be done by a trained implanter.

Then, after entering ownership details on the relevant paper work the information is sent to the Kennel Club run PetLog National database.

The PetLog National Database, which is open 24hrs 365 days per year and can be accessed by all welfare groups such as RSPCA, SSPCA, NCDL, CPL as well as dog wardens, vets and hundreds of other organisations and individuals, all with the aim of reuniting pets and their owners in the shortest time possible!

All microchips come with a lifetime's registration on PetLog database.

The microchips themselves are all the latest ISO standard and are in FDXB format as opposed to the old FDXA format, they can be read by all FDX compatible scanners, which are in use worldwide.

The microchip comes in a pre-packed sterile pouch, inside is a needle containing the chip, simply remove the needle from the pouch, insert it into the implanter pressing it firmly home, and then remove the safety cover when ready to implant, after implantation to remove needle from the gun simply replace the safety cover and twist.


The gun, which is designed by ourselves, is the easiest way to implant an animal offering complete control and giving a more accurate implantation of the chip. This along with the special anti-migratory coating gives you the best package available.

Our product is made in England and should not be confused with inferior copies. These may be compatible with our devices, but you will appreciate that we can only guarantee the quality and reliability of our own manufacture.
Disposable Syringe Style Microchip Implanter